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Sending a Child off to College? 4 Reasons to Rent Self Storage

Storage Unit
As you send your child off to college, storage is probably one of the last things you're thinking about. But this transitional time in life is a great time to use self-storage both for future thinking and for current needs. This guide lists four reasons that work for parents and kids alike.

1. Reclaim Their Room

Parents should think about what they plan to do with the extra space in the home when a college student moves out.
You could leave their bedroom alone so that your child will have somewhere to stay in if they need it.  Or you could put the room to good use. What would you like to do with that extra space? Create a hobby room? Separate younger kids into their own rooms? Make a home office? All these choices could boost family life for everyone. 
Storing the student's bed, dresser, unused clothes, bookshelves, and extra furniture in a storage unit means you can use the room however you would like without getting rid of the things your child might need in the future. If you're not sure what to store, then leave out sentimental items and store bulkier pieces that are more practical than emotional. 

2. Avoid the Purge

As your child moves from teenager to young adult, they can become overly sentimental. Or, they might decide that everything from childhood needs to be tossed out and they should grow up and move on. Both reactions are extreme and could cause regret later on. Similarly, you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed as a parent. 
Making storage space available gives both parents and children the opportunity to decide more rationally and slowly what to keep and what to get rid of. Renting a storage unit also allows you time to sell valuable items or find them new homes instead of just throwing things away. 

3. Store Less-Used Items

Now that your kid is moving out — either temporarily or permanently — some belongings will become less used than before. Family winter sports might be relegated to a handful of days on winter break, so storing skis, snowboards, and winter clothes makes sense.
Along those same lines, if your child has a set of drums or a large music or book collection, then rent a storage unit, and pack up that extra stuff and store it outside your home. 
The same reasoning holds true when students take off for the summer. With a storage unit, they can store belongings safely during the summer and keep school equipment that will be needed again next year. 

4. Prepare for What's Next

Some kids return home after college, but others move on to an internship, study abroad, or a job right out of school. These young adults benefit from having their things handy so that they can head out on their own.
A storage unit in their college town allows the student to add and remove items as needed but also allows them to keep things that accumulate during the four years of school. That's especially helpful if they don't know where they're headed next. 
Parents can use that storage space as well. As you find items that can be useful for your graduating student's next chapter, you can add them to the facility. These additions will be a fun surprise for your child when they retrieve their belongings, and it's a great way to help them get on their feet in the real world. 
No matter what reason you and your college student have for keeping some belongings, the self-storage facilities at Florence Blvd. Self Storage can help. From preserving memories of yesterday to preparing for tomorrow, we can help your family meet all its needs.