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Getting the Most From Your Self-Storage Unit? Try These Smart Tips!

self storage tips

For most families, a self-storage unit is an affordable way to safely store seasonal items to make their homes feel more spacious and comfortable.

While a storage unit is certainly a benefit to homeowners, those who limit their use in this manner may not be enjoying this convenient storage option to its fullest potential. If you are wondering how to get more out of your unit, one or more of these ideas can help.

Making the Moving Process Easier

Having a storage unit is a wonderful way to make moving easier because it allows busy families to begin packing boxes and safely storing them months before the date of the actual move. Those items that must be kept but are seldom used – such as Grandma's china – can be carefully boxed and kept in storage until after you are in your new home.

Boxing up seldom-used items not only keeps families from having to live with stacks of boxes during the months before the move, but it also means breakables can be transported in the family vehicle where they will not be jostled or bumped.

Keeping Surprise Gifts Secret

Purchasing gifts for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries means trying to keep them secret from the time of purchase until the day they are given to the family member. Unfortunately, curious children, spouses, and partners often spoil their own surprise by searching the home before the big event.

To protect the surprise element of all your gifts, take them straight to your self-storage unit after purchase instead of taking them to your home. If you keep a small, folding table, some gift wrap, and supplies in the unit, too, you will be able to easily handle wrapping the item without having to lock yourself into the bathroom at home to avoid prying eyes.

Creating a Peaceful Hideaway

Many people yearn to write. Some have a novel inside that needs to see the light of day, and others just want to begin keeping a journal of their private thoughts. However, any type of writing requires solitude, and that can be difficult to find at home, especially when young children, pets, or other distractions abound.

A comfortable folding chair and a battery-powered lamp can provide a place to enjoy a few minutes of blissful stillness on the way to or from work each day and help you get those words onto paper.

For those with no writing dreams, simply being able to sit comfortably in a quiet space with no interruptions can provide some much needed time to reflect on life or think through problems.

Housing a Family Clothes Swap

Families with children know how quickly their kids outgrow their clothing, and purchasing new clothes in a larger size becomes both expensive and time-consuming. If this dilemma is true in your household and you have or can rent a self-storage unit in your area, consider using the space to create a family clothing swap.

To do this, join forces with other families in your area who are facing a similar problem and willing to share the cost of the unit.

Install a few plastic totes and a covered clothing rack or other type of hanging storage in the storage unit. Participants can drop off their outgrown clothing and "shop" the garments left there by other families as needed to keep their kids well dressed.

In addition to helping reduce clothing costs for growing children, this type of arrangement will help keep family closets neater and more organized and eliminate having outgrown items accumulate throughout the home.

For even more ways to utilize a self-storage unit, or to make sure that the use you intend is permissible, remember to seek the advice of a professional storage unit expert in your area, such as the friendly staff at Florence Blvd. Self Storage.